Thursday, July 4, 2013

Art Journaling 3

"Gratitude is the sign of "nobile" souls"
Mixed media: water colors, gelatos, gel pens, scribble paint, gesso, 
brush marker, permanent marker


"The Right Shoes"
Mixed media: gelatos, stamping, inks, alphabet stamps, file folder labels, clipping, gesso, spray fixative, mod podge, permanent marker


"Teach People How to Treat You"
Mixed media: clippings, gelatos, 
washi tape, stenciling, inks, mod podge, permanent marker

Progression: page build-up, gelato color wash, washi tape, title prompt


"Pretty vs Beauty"
Mixed media: clippings, gelatos, gesso, permanent marker, mod podge, tag

Progression: A few pictures I liked. Sometimes it all starts with a picture and other times it starts with a title prompt. This one was from the pictures.

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