Wednesday, July 3, 2013

25 Amazing Art Journal Theme Ideas

Here are 25 ideas for giving your art journals a "place to go."

1. Retro Journal- Kick it old school.
2. Body Parts- Each page focuses on one part of the human anatomy.
3. Empowerment- Quotes that give you mental strength.
4. Cards- Design a journal around your own version of cards: post cards, game         cards, holiday cards, get well cards, sympathy cards, invitations, etc.
5. Brand X- Side-by-side- their logos vs your version of a logo for the same product.
6. Secret Hoarder- No need to clutter the house, do it in your journal.
7. Poetry in Motion- Use poetry to inspire your designs.
8. My Super Heroes- Mash up some crazy characters and give them outrageous names like Capt. Umbrella or Washer Woman or The Bulk.
9. My Obsessions- Things you obsess over, worry about, or have to have.
10. In My World- Create an imaginary world on each page.
11. Pissy Missy- Things that tick you off. Let it all out. Art is cheap therapy.
12. Life vs Art- Side-by-side layout of a photo and then your rendering of the photo
13. My Spin on It- How you would have designed it, worded it, framed it, dressed it.
14. Positive Affirmations- Only positive words to remind yourself of the good.
15. A Pocket Full- On each page use a different type of pocket to hold whatever.
16. Black and Blue- Only use the colors black and blue to journal things that hurt.
17.Question and Answer- Side-by-side layout. Ex: (on left page)why do birds sing?
(on right page) because they are free to fly!
18. Doodley Do- Only doodles allowed. period. Draw on each page with only one color.
19. Things I Own- Journal about where you got things from or why you bought it.
20. Sans Words- pictures only.
21. Bucket List- Things you want to do before you die. Be sure to have a box on every page so you can put a big red check mark in it as you complete each item!
22. Attitude of Gratitude- Things you are thankful for. Remember the small things.
23. If I Ruled the World- Rules you would make if you were the queen.
24. Song Lyrics- Use the title or a line or two. Or make each page a line from the same song. Songs you loved at different times in your life and why.
25. Movie Lines- Journal your favorite movie lines and create pages for them.

There you have it! My creative juices are flowing. Are yours? Go make some art!!


  1. Great list! Thanks for the inspiration! <3 I found you via Pinterest and can't wait to snoop around your blog some more!

  2. I absolutely love your blog! I've always wanted to do art journaling, but never really knew how to start. I love all of your examples, pictures, and clear directions! Thank you!

  3. I can't wait to get started esp. like the poetry and movie lines ideas.

  4. try a zentangle. Check it out at my blog:

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this in your blog! My 8th grade students are doing 2nd quarter photojournalism posts, and these are wonderful for that. They can take a pic related to your 25 ideas, and then write about it.

  6. Love it!! I shared this post on my blog, hope that's ok. You can check it out here:

  7. Love it!! I shared this post on my blog, hope that's ok. You can check it out here:

  8. Thank you! Those are some great ideas!!! I've been in the sciences all my life so starting out with this right-brain stuff is intimidating sometimes 😘. Gotta get past the white!

  9. Your collages are galvanizing.

  10. cool!!!...thnx allot for blogging the ideas..;-)

  11. Thanks for this! I will keep it in my sketchbook!

  12. Thanks for the tips! These are great ideas! :D

  13. I like your site and will be teaching a journaling class soon. You have some great hints! Queen Rose

  14. I love this list! Thanks for sharing it. :)

  15. This is a good list, I will use it! Thanks!

  16. Great ideas for the junk journals I'm making for my grandkids to take to sleep away camp! Thanks for so many inspirations! You filled in many blanks!

  17. I love your ideas. But Im all over the place with art journaling.I was thinking about dedicating a page for all the one listed above