Thursday, July 4, 2013

Art Journaling 3

"Gratitude is the sign of "nobile" souls"
Mixed media: water colors, gelatos, gel pens, scribble paint, gesso, 
brush marker, permanent marker


"The Right Shoes"
Mixed media: gelatos, stamping, inks, alphabet stamps, file folder labels, clipping, gesso, spray fixative, mod podge, permanent marker


"Teach People How to Treat You"
Mixed media: clippings, gelatos, 
washi tape, stenciling, inks, mod podge, permanent marker

Progression: page build-up, gelato color wash, washi tape, title prompt


"Pretty vs Beauty"
Mixed media: clippings, gelatos, gesso, permanent marker, mod podge, tag

Progression: A few pictures I liked. Sometimes it all starts with a picture and other times it starts with a title prompt. This one was from the pictures.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

25 Amazing Art Journal Theme Ideas

Here are 25 ideas for giving your art journals a "place to go."

1. Retro Journal- Kick it old school.
2. Body Parts- Each page focuses on one part of the human anatomy.
3. Empowerment- Quotes that give you mental strength.
4. Cards- Design a journal around your own version of cards: post cards, game         cards, holiday cards, get well cards, sympathy cards, invitations, etc.
5. Brand X- Side-by-side- their logos vs your version of a logo for the same product.
6. Secret Hoarder- No need to clutter the house, do it in your journal.
7. Poetry in Motion- Use poetry to inspire your designs.
8. My Super Heroes- Mash up some crazy characters and give them outrageous names like Capt. Umbrella or Washer Woman or The Bulk.
9. My Obsessions- Things you obsess over, worry about, or have to have.
10. In My World- Create an imaginary world on each page.
11. Pissy Missy- Things that tick you off. Let it all out. Art is cheap therapy.
12. Life vs Art- Side-by-side layout of a photo and then your rendering of the photo
13. My Spin on It- How you would have designed it, worded it, framed it, dressed it.
14. Positive Affirmations- Only positive words to remind yourself of the good.
15. A Pocket Full- On each page use a different type of pocket to hold whatever.
16. Black and Blue- Only use the colors black and blue to journal things that hurt.
17.Question and Answer- Side-by-side layout. Ex: (on left page)why do birds sing?
(on right page) because they are free to fly!
18. Doodley Do- Only doodles allowed. period. Draw on each page with only one color.
19. Things I Own- Journal about where you got things from or why you bought it.
20. Sans Words- pictures only.
21. Bucket List- Things you want to do before you die. Be sure to have a box on every page so you can put a big red check mark in it as you complete each item!
22. Attitude of Gratitude- Things you are thankful for. Remember the small things.
23. If I Ruled the World- Rules you would make if you were the queen.
24. Song Lyrics- Use the title or a line or two. Or make each page a line from the same song. Songs you loved at different times in your life and why.
25. Movie Lines- Journal your favorite movie lines and create pages for them.

There you have it! My creative juices are flowing. Are yours? Go make some art!!