Thursday, September 1, 2011


Lately, I've been enjoying trying new combinations of food.


2 Slices of whole wheat OR 12 grain bread, toasted
low fat mayo
Red bell pepper strips, roasted in broiler
Sweet yellow onion, roasted in broiler
Sprinkle with either parmesan cheese or feta cheese
Salt and pepper to taste


I am a Pinterest addict.  I love finding ideas and then trying them out for myself. 
One idea I found was a labeled jar using chalkboard spray paint.
I didn't have any chalkboard spray paint, but I did have some flat black spray paint, so then
I had an idea ...

I masked off a rectangle area using duct tape.

Then I spray painted the glass.

I allowed it to dry completely before taking off the duct tape.

And here is the finished product. 
Not too shabby!

Friday, August 12, 2011


I love garage sales! I find treasures amid the trash. I found a bargain last week. I bought 4 full cans of spray paint for ... ... wait for it... $3.00. I love upcycling and repurposing. The landfills need less waste. I love the saying used during the depression "Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Or do without!" My new found love of spray paint is conjuring up all sorts of thoughts on how to do just that.
So, I had an idea . . .  
I found in my decor, a wooden candlestick that was light brown with a whitewash finish. I liked the carving in the wood, but not the color. Enter garage sale can of flat black spray paint. Here it is-

Gotta love spray paint !


OK, my mind was racing with thoughts. I had just finished spraying my 'mirror, mirror' project and I had a half-full can of spray paint in my hands. What would be the next guinea pig? Ahh, the canisters! 
 I had 3 canisters on my kitchen counter that were a very dark shade of maroon. I was getting tired of looking at them, so I had an idea . . .
 I already had my plastic drop cloth down, so I sprayed them with my Krylon white semi-gloss indoor/outdoor spray paint. The same kind I used for my mirror project. News flash for the spray painting novices out there...AKA, me... when spray painting items with ridges or raised surfaces, a few coats of 'mist' will do the trick.  Unfortunately, I was a little too enthusiastic and got drippity drops/runs down the sides of the canisters from spraying too close. Yes, my friends, patience IS a virtue, especially when spray painting! Yet, all is well. Here is the finished product-


I found this fabulous mirror but it's frame was gold colored. 
Since most of my home accents are nOt gold, I thought 'why not transform this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan?' First I gave it a good sanding, being careful not to scratch the mirror. Next I masked the inside edges of the mirror with blue painter's tape. I then covered the rest of the mirrored area with newspaper and taped it down tight to ensure that no spray paint would ruin my mirror glass.
I layed out a large sheet of plastic drop cloth to protect my spraying surface. I didn't want a giant rectangle painted on my patio.  Then, I lightly primed the frame with indoor/outdoor semi-gloss white Krylon spray paint. Next, I gave it a good coat of spray. 
I let it dry completely, peeled off the newspaper and the tape... and wallah !!!

I had an idea . . . maybe I will sand the outer edges where the wood is carved.
Then I might apply some stain over that to give it a distressed vibe. Stay tuned.