Friday, August 12, 2011


I found this fabulous mirror but it's frame was gold colored. 
Since most of my home accents are nOt gold, I thought 'why not transform this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan?' First I gave it a good sanding, being careful not to scratch the mirror. Next I masked the inside edges of the mirror with blue painter's tape. I then covered the rest of the mirrored area with newspaper and taped it down tight to ensure that no spray paint would ruin my mirror glass.
I layed out a large sheet of plastic drop cloth to protect my spraying surface. I didn't want a giant rectangle painted on my patio.  Then, I lightly primed the frame with indoor/outdoor semi-gloss white Krylon spray paint. Next, I gave it a good coat of spray. 
I let it dry completely, peeled off the newspaper and the tape... and wallah !!!

I had an idea . . . maybe I will sand the outer edges where the wood is carved.
Then I might apply some stain over that to give it a distressed vibe. Stay tuned.

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