Friday, August 12, 2011


OK, my mind was racing with thoughts. I had just finished spraying my 'mirror, mirror' project and I had a half-full can of spray paint in my hands. What would be the next guinea pig? Ahh, the canisters! 
 I had 3 canisters on my kitchen counter that were a very dark shade of maroon. I was getting tired of looking at them, so I had an idea . . .
 I already had my plastic drop cloth down, so I sprayed them with my Krylon white semi-gloss indoor/outdoor spray paint. The same kind I used for my mirror project. News flash for the spray painting novices out there...AKA, me... when spray painting items with ridges or raised surfaces, a few coats of 'mist' will do the trick.  Unfortunately, I was a little too enthusiastic and got drippity drops/runs down the sides of the canisters from spraying too close. Yes, my friends, patience IS a virtue, especially when spray painting! Yet, all is well. Here is the finished product-