Sunday, June 16, 2013

Art Journaling- Page Building

Materials List for Page Building for Art Journals
  • old daily planner pages
  • book pages
  • magazine clippings
  • scrapbook papers
  • old address books
  • coloring books
  • misc. junk mail
  • extra envelopes from mail
  • old greeting cards
  • tissue paper
  • old sewing pattern paper
  • printer mistakes scrap paper
  • dictionaries
  • phone books
  • encyclopedias
  • old calendars
  • tags
  • paper bags
  • old wrapping paper scraps
  • ticket stubs, playbill pages
  • flyers
  • blank labels
  • anything else you can recycle 
Here are some examples of page building:

 Layered torn paper from old planner and scrapbook paper scraps

 Stamped gesso- I used the base of a stalk of celery to make the prints.
 Dried stamped gesso. Makes a great raised surface.
 Colored background 1

 Colored background 2

 Colored background 3

 Colored background 4

 Fresh mini-journal. I decided to turn it into a steampunk journal.

 I've started prepping the journal pages with gesso to give it integrity and strength.

 I've started prepping another journal. This one will be Movie Themed. I will collect collage items that remind me of my favorite movies. It should be fun!

 Paper scraps torn then gesso'd.

 Here is a page with color on it. I'm excited to get started on it.

It's good to have a few journals going at once, since some techniques require longer drying time. To speed the drying process up, I use my heat gun (usually used for embossing.) Another technique I use is to put waxed paper between the pages I'm working on. It helps semi-dry pages not to stick to each other. It also protects the pages above or beneath to stay clean. Sometimes colors do bleed through if they get wet enough, so be mindful of this.


  1. Wow, what a great page! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I have just started my own art journal, and though it is tons of fun.. It's also a little intimidating! I am also working on a page for inspiration, but it's nothing like yours! I love it. Thank you again for sharing!